Archery Hunts


 Rut Hunts

All of our guided rut hunts run 5 ½ days in length and include meals, lodging, assistance with game recovery and trophy care. The first archery hunts that we offer take place during the last 10 days in October. Not offering any early season archery hunts is the key to keeping the pressure off the deer for our rut and eventually the late season hunts. We also keep the pressure low by limiting the number of hunters per week.






Late Season Hunts

If you have the food, you will have the deer during Illinois’ late archery season. As a less expensive alternative, we are offering 6 ½ day, semi-guided archery hunts that run for several weeks from late December through mid-January. The deer are back on a strict feeding pattern this time of year and we hunt them accordingly. After our rut hunts, we will be resting all of our farms for several weeks before the late season hunts start to keep the pressure to a minimum. We leave standing corn and soybeans for late season hunting as well as brassica blends. 






Details That Matter

All of our farms are set up with the archery hunter in mind. Nearly every stand is positioned in a way to funnel deer in close to the stand. The stands are also set-up in the correct position to minimize movement as the hunter prepares for a shot. Other key factors that we stress with our hunters are the entry and exit routes that we have staked out, as well as having the wind in our favor at all times. Along with sanctuaries, we also have at least 2 established food plots on each farm. They consist of clover, chicory, alfalfa, oats, rye and brassicas. There is never a shortage of stands or food on any of Swain Farms properties.

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