Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book a hunt? Who do I contact for more details?

Details on booking hunts can be viewed on the “Book a Hunt” page. For questions, call or text Brandon Swain at (217)248-3977. We can also be reached by email at or through our contact page. 


How much hunting pressure do your farms see?

We no longer run early season hunts. The first archery hunts we offer are during the last week in October. After the rut hunts, we then rest all of the farms several weeks before the late season hunts begin.


Do you have any trophy fees?

No, there are no additional fees for larger bucks. However, we do enforce a minimum antler requirement/age rule. All deer harvested must either score 140” P&Y or be at least 4 years old. There is a $750 penalty for any bucks that do not meet these requirements.


Is there a guarantee that hunters will harvest a buck?

Absolutely not! Our hunts are 100% fair chase for free ranging whitetails. There are too many factors that come into play to guarantee anything.


What types of stands do you provide? Can hunters bring a stand or two with them?

We hunt out of high quality loc-ons with ladder sticks that are placed between 15-30’. We also use Double Bull ground blinds and 15-22’ ladder stands. Hunters are welcome to bring a stand with them, but it is not necessary as we hang a huge number of stands on each farm.


Are you set up for the archer or for gun hunters?

We are definitely set up with the archery hunter in mind. Almost all of our stands are placed in some sort of a funnel to pull deer in close for the shot.


What type of firearms are allowed in Illinois?

The first two gun seasons are shotgun/muzzleloader hunts. We also have a late season muzzleloader only hunt.


Are crossbows allowed?

Yes. Hunters must be over 62 years of age, or have a physical disability to use one. Contact the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for more information.


Is outfitting just considered your hobby?

Absolutely not. We spend more time than anyone preparing for the upcoming season. There are several key ingredients to growing, holding and harvesting mature whitetails. You must have quality, un-pressured farms, tons of food and a lot of stands. We put in the time and effort to ensure that our guests receive one of the highest quality hunts available. The family also farms for a living and this additional income is the reason we don’t run a ton of hunters through like the vast majority of Illinois outfitters.


Do you regularly update the website with trail camera pictures and other pertinent Information?

Yes, but we update everything more frequently on our Facebook page. If you want to keep up with us throughout the year, like us on Facebook.

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