Who are we?

Swain Farms Outfitting is a family owned and operated deer hunting outfitter located in Morgan County, Illinois. We provide low pressure, trophy whitetail hunts on privately owned farms across West Central Illinois. The Swains are lifelong residents and hunters of Morgan County, with the family farm being established well over 150 years ago.






Why choose us?

We own our own mortgage-free family farms, and pay low lease prices on surrounding property. This keeps us from pushing a high number of hunters through like most Illinois outfitters. As the once popular western Illinois counties get over-hunted, we continue to produce bigger and bigger deer, as well as having an unpressured deer herd. As always, we never host or cater to ‘pro hunters’. Instead we focus all of our attention towards our paying guests.


Our honesty, management technique, and low hunter numbers is what sets us apart from most outfitters. One look at our galleries and you will notice that we have a much higher quality of deer compared to our competitors. The vast majority of our farms have been strictly managed for the past 6-15+ years. With our management program and very limited gun hunting, we have been growing bigger and healthier deer each year. The average score of our harvested deer continues to go up each year. Over the years, it has climbed from the low 140s to the mid-150s. We have proven year after year that we are very capable of growing and holding world class deer on our farms. We plant numerous food plots on each property, and leave standing grain for our late season hunts. Our plots consist mainly of clover, chicory, rye, oats and brassicas.


Situated along and East of the Illinois River in west central Illinois, Morgan County has gained national recognition over the last decade as one of the premier destinations in the country for growing world class whitetails. It’s a well-known fact that the once popular western Illinois counties in the famed ‘Golden Triangle’ area are not what they used to be. Too much hunting pressure and mismanaged deer herds have led to a steady decline in the quality of their hunting. Low pressure, fertile soil and the right genetics are a few of the reasons Morgan County is the future of Illinois deer hunting.


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